About us

Dent Doctor is the paintless dent removal specialty shop. We are onto structure of vehicles since we have been providing specialized skills for curing dents for many years. The degree of restoration is over 90%. We are well-known and are earning great respect in the motor industry.

In 1999, Frankie Fung, the founder of Dent Doctor, imported this technique from oversea to Hong Kong. Before coming back to Hong Kong, Frankie had already got practical training for several years. In early times of establishing the business, we mainly worked on the basis of on field assignments for motor agencies, second-hand motor agencies and private motor repair shops. Immediately the popularity of this unique and fantastic technique was spreading throughout the motor industry and earned great respect. This technique was then so-called “Saviour of vehicle-related business”. The founder Frankie Fung was also so-called “King of Iron Hook”, “Dent Doctor”, etc. At that time, if car owners needed this service, they had to reach those motor agents. Therefore, the dent repair technique of Dent Doctor was often thought to be a mystery. When car owners found that their cars were perfectly repaired to the original status, they all thought this was an unbelievable technique.

In September 2004, Frankie Fung uncovered the mysterious curtain of this special technique. Dent Doctor Paintless Dent Removal Specialty Shop was established in Kowloon Tong and got well-known among car owners within just a year. Every time when the owners find that complicated procedure is not needed for repairing their cars to become totally smooth again, they all marvel at this tremendous invention. They think the most scarce credit is that this technique will not cause pollution. Moreover, we provide one stop services including Car Detailing, Glass Mending, Spray, Motor Maintenance and Motor Transactions. It is so convenient and efficient that all problems of car owners can be solved here.

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