1. What is “dent repair” ?

Dent repair is an environmental friendly technique. Traditional method like spraying is not needed when the original appearance of the car can be restore. It is time and expenditure saving for the car owners as well as environmental friendly.

2. What is the charge for dent repair?

Minimum charge is HK$600 up.
Charge for each dent ranges from HK$600 up to HK$3,000.
Charge for each part of the body (e.g. door) ranges from HK$600 up to HK$3,000.
Charge for repairing dents on the whole car ranges from HK$3,000 up. (depends on the condition of the whole car)
The above is for reference only. The actual charge depends on the location, size and the depth of the dent.

3. Can dents of all sizes be repaired?

We can repair dents caused by common conditions like crash between doors of vehicles or being deliberately damaged which leads to dent evens of the size of soccer. However, we still need to evaluate the degree of restoration according to the location and the depth of the dents. Please refer to the pictures of appearance services in this website.

4. Will the paint be damaged after dent repair?

No. Firstly, the basic condition for dent repair is that the paint has not fallen off. Then our professional technicians will restore the smoothness by unique tools. This environmental friendly technique will not hurt the paint on the surface.

5. How long can it last after the repair?

Basically it is permanent except that the same area is unfortunately crashed to form a dent again.

6. What are the terms for the payment?

Cash or EPS is available.

7. Can every dent be restored?

No. Parts like plastic bumpers or edges of cars (as shown in the picture below with red line) cannot be restored. If you have any inquiry about dents on your car, please feel free to contact us.