Dent Repair

“Dent Repair Technique” has already been developed in America for nearly twenty years. The repair is done by specialized tools. Spray is not needed in the progress. This is a unique technique which can quickly repair car body where the paint has not fallen off and restore the smoothness by unique tools. The area where the dent was will not be noticed by human eyes. Only 20% of the car body cannot be repaired by this technique.

The following is the process of Dent Repair :
1. Find out where the dent is.
2. Determine condition of the dent.
3. Put pads on the windows for prevent the glass from being scratched.
4. Eventually repair the dent by different metal hooks and strength.
5. Tap the area where the dent was by plastic hammer after repair.
6. If there is paint fallen slightly, a wax polish will be applied in order to restore the original shine of the body.
7. The car will have the appearance just like a new car after the dent repair.